We treat your pets like Royalty!

Mission: At King Veterinary Clinic, we will always be 100% dedicated to professional and caring service to our clients and patients. We assure our patient's good health by providing the latest "best practice" care. Provide client service excellence through efficient administration and automation. We continually expand and improve our veterinary services to our community. 

Vision: King Veterinary Clinic strives to be a progressive, professional, and well-equipped full service Veterinary hospital. We strive to keep an up-to-date facility offering state-of-the-art medical and surgical care. King Veterinary Clinic is a vital business in a growing community. We strive to be a source of the latest knowledge and education on pet health care and a trusted health care provider to all our clients and patients.
Looking to make your pet an appointment?

We work by appointment to provide ample time for all patients and scheduled surgeries. This ensures the best quality service and minimizes your waiting time. We offer drop-off services for clients with limited time and demanding schedules. Please call for more information or to schedule appointments.

Business Hours-
  • Monday:   8 am - 5:30
  • Tuesday:   8 am - 5:30
  • Wednesday:   8 am - 5:30
  • Thursday:   8 am - Noon
  • Friday:   8 am - 5:30
  • Saturday:   8 am - Noon
  • Sunday: closed
Some of our favorite pooches!
  • Abby Lewis - RIP

  • Adora Belle Ford

  • "Atticus Finch" Sanchez

  • Brady Finan - RIP

  • Dakota Neerings

  • Dante Finan

  • Chewy Neerings

  • Donley & London Whitlock

  • Elijah Daniel - RIP

  • Fergie Cotleur

  • Jasper Kyle Cotten

  • Pete Dodds

  • Sandy O'mally Ford

  • Shadow Lanagan

  • Ruby

  • Zombie

  • Tara Budd - RIP

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 Located in McKinney

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