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Anesthesia-intravenous and isofluorane inhalant anesthesia, EKG, Pulse Ox and Blood Pressure monitoring Dentistry-ultrasonic scaling, polish and maintenance instruction regarding pet dental care Radiology- routine X -rays and special procedures including contrast studies and OFA films In-house laboratory Pathology Prescription foods Health certificates for travel Postcard reminders Specialist referrals Community service events Preventive care Boarding Baths Grooming Teeth brushing Hand-scaling Nail Trims-Clippers or Dremmel EMERGENCY SERVICE: Although we emphasize preventive medicine, we also understand emergencies can and do occur. A full emergency service is available during our regular office hours. Because we understand that an emergency is a stressful time for both you and your pet, we will make every effort to respond quickly to your needs. It would be very helpful if you could call and let us know when to expect you. In addition, if your animal has eaten poison or something you think may be harmful, please bring the box/container with you. After office hours, if you are unsure if your pets condition necessitates an emergency visit or have questions about your pets recent surgery or medications, you may call our office. We will return the call promptly. If the veterinarian feels your pet needs prompt attention, the emergency clinic we most commonly refer to is: Emergency Animal Clinic of Collin County 10225 Custer Rd, Plano, TX Phone: 214-547-9900 PAYMENT: Payment for services is due at the time they are provided. We DO NOT offer any type of payment plans. For your convenience, we accept cash , personal checks , Master Card , Discover and VISA . We encourage you to discuss any questions you may have regarding our fees. We will always provide you with a written estimate for any diagnostic or surgical procedures, as well as hospitalization costs for your pet.
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